I am so excited you are here and interested in learning more about boudoir photography! It can be scary stripping down and letting your inner Victoria Secret Model on the loose but It’s one of my favorite things to shoot because of how empowered and beautiful it makes my clients feel. And trust me, none of us look like Victoria Secret models, but we sure can feel like one after a boudoir shoot adrenaline high! After participating in a boudoir shoot of my own a few years ago and feeling amazing about myself afterwards, I knew it was something I wanted to do for other women. So from there I went home and created a gorgeous all-white studio in my home so I could create that beautiful light and airy bedroom look. Being the oldest of six sisters, I pretty much grew up in a sorority house where walking around in a bra and underwear was the norm, so I knew this was my calling becuase I approach it with such ease. We have a blast during our shoots and I would love to show you how fun and beautiful of an experience this can be for you!

What does it Cost? I offer two options here.

The first option is $500 and includes professional Hair and Makeup, an hour of shooting at my in-home studio, and all of the edited photos via digital download.

The second option is $350 and includes 30 minutes of shooting at my in-home studio and all the edited photos via a digital download.

What can I expect during the shoot? These shoots are FUN!! When you arrive you will be greeted with a cup of coffee and we’ll chat and listen to music while you get your hair and makeup professionally done. Once you are set to go, we will spend the next hour shooting, dancing around to music and having a blast making you feel gorgeous! You are welcome to bring a friend and make it a fun girls morning! You do not need to have any experience in front of the camera, leave that all up to me! You will have access to a bathroom and a changing area should you need it.

Who Does the Hair and Makeup? I’m so excited that we have teamed up with the amazing girls over at Something Blue Stylists.

What should I bring? Due to Hair and Makeup, we request that you arrive with clean, DRY, hair and a clean fresh face! As far as outfits, bring a few of your favorite Bra/underwear combos and some lingerie that makes you feel good. I also suggest things like: an oversized sports jersey, silky robe, long pearls, your veil (if you are a bride), a big chunky oversized sweater, high heels, and cozy blankets you can wrap up in. Feel free to be creative and let YOUR personality shine through by including outfits that speak to you.

What days can I schedule? I schedule shoots on either Monday or Wednesday Morning at 10am, and we do them at my in-home studio in Westfield, IN.

How do I print my photos? You will be receiving your photos via a private link that you will be able to download your photos from. Since you will have all of the digital files, you may print your photos wherever you wish. Once you book with me, I give a list of wonderful places to print photo books and prints.

How do I book? Booking is easy and will all be done online. You can email Cassie at cassie@linenandrouge.com to book! From there you will receive the contract and the invoice digitally. Once you are paid in full and signed, you are officially booked and ready to go! As your photo shoot gets closer, I will send over a questionnaire to help me get to know YOU better so we can have the best experience possible!

*Must be 18 to participate


Click the photos below to take a tour of the studio space!